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Explaining the new design

Explaining the new design

I loved the design of my tutorials, and I always received positive feedback from you.
Some of my regular customers joked that it uses up too much yellow ink... yeah, I know J I was mulling over the idea, and finally persuaded Ákos to try the white background.
Well, there was no stopping from there – with the background being white, I had to let go of my favourite grey stone, which had been a very convenient background object, and made photographing my bead designs easy.
Now I have to learn jewellery photography. Once the tutorial background became white, why not invent a wholly new design.
I love variety and change. I moved from one place to another several times in my life, but even when I didn’t, I had to do something, like rearranging the furniture... As a kid, for example, I moved my bed into another corner of the room, and it gave me the feeling that everything has changed J I got bored with the motifs of my tutorial design, so Ákos (my husband) put together a couple of versions between Christmas and New Year.
This new design is dear to my heart, and it does not consume yellow ink. The format and structure of the instructions I did not change, they are and will be as detailed as ever. And I hope to improve my photo taking skills pretty quickly.
I love my new design, I hope you will like it too.

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